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We are well into our year and for most of us, our resolutions are fascinating, yet still daunting. Let's talk about realistic goal setting! Gold Label Cosmetics isn't all about surface beauty and in order to manifest our brightest, most glamorous future, we have to roll up those sleeves.



After my cup of Coffee, I get right into The Quadrant Method. I learned this from one of my fave bloggers, Mattie James. This works well when I have a full day to myself. If I don't, breaking my year into quarters. This allows me to pick a goal in the Q1(Quarter 1), 2, 3, or 4, that I can start tinkering away at, at my convenience.


For instance, if I have a free day, I go from 9am-12pm, 12pm-3pm, 3pm-6pm, and 6pm-9pm. I'll make reasonably timed tasks that fit in each quadrant and refuse to let the task rollover into the next quadrant. If it's not done, close it up and do it another day and this time, be more realistic with the goal.


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When the day isn't completely mine, I make a Q1 list. I look at my goals for the year, and assess what the applicable steps are for meeting my goals. For example, I want to learn French fluently this year. Q1, is the foundation step for this. I found an app I love, Mango . Each week I need to complete 2 lessons. Q2, I'm bumping it up to 4.

I gave myself two hours to write and publish this blog post. How did I do? What are your tried and true, year conquering tactics?


P.S. We're never done growing so be careful with your goals and forgive yourself for falling off the wagon. This year, treat yourself as your best friend by the way you self-talk. You're beautiful, goal-crushing, and always manifesting. 


grace for self is REAL self care

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