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Hey Icons!


It's the first day of Autumn and you know what that means. It's CUFFING SEEEAAAASON! Boo'd up or Just Looking, doesn't matter. We've got some great tips to sexify your makeup for date night. Be the number one stunner at every spot.




A Not-So-Basic Cat Eye. 

Leave your Liquid Eyeliner and give your look a little oomph with a brown eyeshadow as your feline feature. The trick is all in the flick of your wrist. Start with tight lining your eyes with a black kohl eyeliner. Use an angled brush to create the cat eye, dragging it past the lid, like you would your liquid liner. Want the look to be sharp? Use your contact solution or visine to wet the brush before dipping in the eyeshadow pan. This makes just about any pressed powder a liner. 

Give 'em angles.

Contour like a G. Whether it's creme or powder, take your contour THERE. By there, I mean lift that line just a little bit higher. Instead of finding the hollow of your cheeks bring the line higher on the bone. Even the sultriest of models will compliment you on how fabulous you look. 



We all love a glossy lip but take that drama to your lips with a Long Wear Matte Lip Pen, preferably in a deep shade. A candlelit dinner for two is oh-so-sexy with a lip shade the color of your favorite wine. Try our Matte Lip Pen in Empowering. The best part of our Matte Lip Pen is they're smudge proof. Smooch away. Or not, it's your choice.


Do one or do them all. Remember to stay safe, drink plenty of water, and be Iconic.

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