Little Gems: October

How to Lie With Statistics
I’m still in the thick of this book. How to Lie with Statistics breaks the chain of herd-like thinking. “95% of the general public eats dairy.” We know this is a lie (or is it?). So how did this number come to fruition?
The book demonstrates how all numbers can be manipulated. My initial thought has always been, numbers cannot lie. We accept statistics as true and accurate because they are compiled by experts.
With anything in life, nothing is ever as simple as it appears. Stats are rarely created in an unbiased vacuum. As a result, they will never be completely accurate.

 Rosehip Oil

This is my jam! Rosehips are the flowering fruit of the rosebush. The tiny edible fruits are thought to have potent medicinal properties. Rosehips have higher in vitamin C than oranges or lemons. Rosehip oil promotes collagen production, which aids in wrinkle reduction It’s especially good for my dry skin.

I prep my skin for makeup or a healthy glow by patting Reship oil on my freshly cleansed skin. My skin stays supple all day.


Matte Lip Pen Trust Fund
Wearing red lipstick is one of the most timeless fashion trends we have ever seen. There's something iconic about the bright and bold color. While many beauty trends come and go, red lipstick is here to stay.
A bright and bold red lip gives off a boss lady vibe and especially compliments fall. A blue-based red lip is complementary to EVERY skin tone. When you ask whether you can wear red lipstick, know that the answer is, ”YES!”

Facial Drainage Massage

A facial drainage massage is a non-invasive technique that can be used to improve the movement of lymphatic fluids into lymph nodes, allowing waste and toxins to be removed from the body. The massage uses steady rhythmic pressure to move fluid through the lymphatic system and back into your bloodstream, where it can be filtered out of your body.

I’ve started doing this in the morning. It’s a quick, de-puffer and stress reliever.


Happy October friends!


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