I've known Desiree Verdejo for years. Tenacious is just one word you could use to describe her. How could you not admire Desiree? She's a mother-of-two that is killing it with Hyper Skin! When she launched her serum, a hyper pigmentation fighting, blemish reducing, texture refining powerhouse, the whole world whipped out their credit cards. I want to share my interview with this amazing mommy!
Tell me how your entrepreneurship changed for you as a mother?

     I launched a retail start-up five years ago and didn't have children at the time. I spent all of my time at that brick and mortar store. working on building our e-commerce site and attending events to promote that business. My personal life and the business were definitely intertwined. It was my whole world at the time.

    I launched Hyper Skin seven months ago as a mom of two and the time and energy that I allocate to it is completely different. Of course I give my business my all- I'm here to grow it into the vision in my head and beyond- but it is not my life. These days I have a start time and an end time for work and business matters. I've definitely learned how to unplug. Kids definitely force you to do that,

    How has your beauty and skincare routine changed?

      My skincare routine is just as extensive as it's always been. LOL. I've had acne-prone skin since I was a teenager and my consistent skincare regimen keeps things at bay. I have not strayed from it.  My three-year old daughter loves to watch me out on face masks.

      One thing that has changed are manicures. Prior to kids, I'd pop into a local salon to get a manicure every week. With children, every excursion requires a sitter or coordination with my husband, so the manicures are much more of a special occasion treat these days.


      What inspired you to begin Hyper Skin?

        Hyper Skin was a result of my personal skin issues and the skincare concerns of all of the women that entered my previous beauty boutique, Vivrant Beauty. The boutique was geared towards women of color and every day someone would ask me for something to treat their dark marks.  I didn't have one amazing brand to direct them to. When my own skin went crazy during pregnancy with breakouts and the hyperpigmentation that followed, I realized that I had to create the solution that I and my customers deserved.

        I love Hyperskin's instagram account. The branding is phenomenal. Can you tell me about it?

          Thank you! My goals for Hyper Skin were that it would be something that people would appreciate as a results-oriented skincare line along the same lines as their favorite clean clinical brands. I also wanted the brand to feel fun and accessible though- no fluff, nothing too complicated. Social media allows us to get that message across.



          As a mom, do you think it helps you delegate tasks?

            Definitely. There is a lot of pressure on mothers to do it all and judgment if you have any assistance. I'm not sure why that is but I know it makes no sense. I am grateful for the childcare tribe that I have because it's a big myth that you can sit at a desk and do thoughtful work while young children are crawling around.

            In business, I definitely believe in handing over tasks to people that are better suited so I outsource a couple of things like fulfilment and digital marketing (although I'm super engaged in digital marketing).

            When I first had Kit, I struggled with time management. I eventually had to pivot and take some time to regroup. Did you have a similar experience as a new mother-entrepreneur?

              Hyper Skin launched when my youngest child was four months old. I basically built the business, took a "maternity leave" and then launched. For the first few months I was learning the ropes of a new CPG business and also learning how to handle life as a working mom of two. Of course, COVID then hit, closing co-working spaces, closing pre-schools and ending our normal childcare routine so that created the need to find a new norm.

              The learning process is never-ending and I haven't felt in control yet. I just make lists, check things off of it and keep moving. I'm not sure that I will ever feel in control or like I am managing things brilliantly but I know I'm making progress for Hyper Skin daily so that is what I focus on.


              How can I get my hands on your Hyperskin?

                On our website - www.gethyperskin.com

                Any social media accounts I can follow of yours?

                  Yep. Follow along with Hyper Skin's journey at @gethyperskin. 

                  I am at @desiree.verdejo for a peek into business behind the scenes and the cutest (in my very biased opinion) toddlers.


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