It's a winter wonderland so you experience the DRYYYYYYness of winter, at some point. If you're anything like me, you know there's no cap on how moisturized you can be. Bring on the butters, oil, and aqua! 
If you're anything like me, you're tired of choosing between moisture and your finished look, I've got a solution for you. Try Castor Oil. 

Where does castor Oil come from and why is it so important for your beauty routine.


Seriously, Castor Oil is the GOAT! I like to use Castor Oil on my lashes, on my edges, my ends, and on my heels. If you're looking for a dense moisturizer, Castor Oil is your girl.
I love it so much, it's formulated into my lipsticks. For Gold Label Cosmetics, castor oil is our MVP! 
How do you get your hands on all this moisture AND pigment? Here is a list of Gold Label Cosmetics' lipsticks formulated with Castor Oil.

A comprehensive list of Gold Label Cosmetics' lipsticks made with Castor Oil


Stay Moisturized, loved ones!

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