Gold Label Cosmetics' June Picks: Fitness for Weight Loss, Vegan Lip Gloss Launch, Netflix documentaries, and Self-Help.
This June, I'm sharing my little gems. From working out with Halle Berry to getting schooled by the witty Koko, I hope you enjoy my finds. :-)
My Soul to Keep by Tananarive Due is a story of African Immortals finding vulnerability and strength within it.
My Soul to Keep
I don't know about you but It's important to me black stories I come across involve POWER. A few weeks ago, I was talking with my lovely friend who is studying film at USC. She and I shared our findings of black stories that were fantasy/sci-fi. In came, My Soul to Keep. Written in 1997, My Soul to Keep weaves a tale of a troubled immortal soul who's far from godly. His love for a his mortal wife is creepy to say the least and his past is a hot bed of despair. Listen to this: murder, sex, and black love. You'll find My Soul To Keep intriguing, sensual, and introspective. 
Even better, you'll want to continue the 4-part series. Happy pool-side reading!
What waist? Halle Berry and trainer Peter Lee Thomas guide you through various martial arts and plyometric flows. Rē•Spin is the best workout to keep you engaged and powerful.
Re•Spin with Halle Berry
For many of you, I'm about to make your day. After I downloaded the FitOn app, I discovered martial arts infused workout, Rē•Spin. Halle Berry and Peter Lee Thomas created Rē•Spin to combine self defense movements AND fitness. Before I go on, I must confess, I don't like working out. With Rē•Spin, I am powerful, flowing through my reps. You finish the classes, sweaty and with applicable moves to kick ass. Get that Halle Berry body!
Gold Label Cosmetics launched it's latest product: Funded, The Gloss
Funded, The Gloss
If we're being honest, May was my victory month! I created "your-lips-but-better" pink gloss and appropriately named it, FUNDED, The Gloss. The innanet was buzzing over my latest vegan beauty product. No kidding, even the @budgetnista getting "funded!"
Why name our newest drop, "FUNDED"? Here's why! Affirmations are and will always be a component in naming our beauty products. That said, you deserve the proper resources to achieve your goals. Say it out loud, "All of my projects are funded. I can relax."
To see FUNDED, The Gloss, in action, check our IG. Follow us(@goldlabelcosmetics) while you're there.
In Our Mothers' Garden is a fabulous documentary centered around black mothers and grandmothers' legacy.
In Our Mothers' Gardens, by Shantrelle P. Lewis
Diving into the stories of these black womens' mothers and grandmothers was a treat. Every topic segment is rich with history, pride, and reality of the black nurturing woman. Director, Shantrelle P. Lewis, guides and pulls her interviewees into their deepest memories. It's like sitting in on a therapy session.
The true star, for me, was Kokahvah Zauditu-Selassie. Her passion for history is astounding. Her delivery makes you want to sit in on one of her Morgan State University lectures.
"In Our Mothers' Gardens" will inspire you to have thoughtful conversations with female elders. You're blessed to have them.
Added reading: Alice Walker's "In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens"
Quote about Thinking Bigger
Thinking Bigger
I've learned from meditating and therapy that I've allowed negative self talk to hold me back.
I challenge you to ask yourself why you havent expanded your wants/goals? Is it because you don't think you're capable? Can you break the goal down into bite sizes? The only difference between you and someone who may have already achieved it is effort.
Go back to school. Take those dance lessons. Learn that language. You've got this!
Among all these fun gems, remember to be kind to yourself. drink lots of water, and mind your business. :-)
XO, Kristen Brown 

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