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Is it just me, or did I hear a bird chirping this morning? Spring is finally making her debut! If you've been following Runway, Magazines, and your fave beauty gurus, you're noticing the term "glass skin" all over your feed. 

Here's a few ways to achieve this super easy look and contrast it for drama with a Matte Lip.

1. Start with great skincare. 

We don't always have skin like Naomi Campbell so investing in a personalized regimen is key. I always recommend someone start with a gentle cleanser, a glow infusing toner/serum, and a lovely moisturizer. My favorite ingredients to look for are hyaluronic acid and rose hip. 

2. Pick a great base.

I always start my look with a light reflecting primer. Next, I use a light hand with my color corrector and/or concealer. Remember, we're going for "Glass SKIN" not red carpet glam. Less is more. 

3. Choose the right Lipstick.

Matte is amazing for this look because it pops AND complements the glow and dew. As far as color, I see shades you'd see on flower petals. Try our matte lip pens in Social Diary, Trust Fund, or Empowering or our matte lipsticks, Evil Twin, First Class, or Zi Se!

Gold Label Cosmetics' Matte Lip Lipsticks that pair with Glass Skin

4. Apply highlighter in powder/gel form if needed.

I like to hit my brow bone, height of my cheekbones, and my chins. If you really want to be a glow getter, brush a lil' liquid highlighter onto a spoolie and brush through your brows.


When you walk that walk, baby you're shining.

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